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UPDATED: Dec 1, 2013 by Nina Marie Sherrer

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Latest Schedule Click HERE

(Available in January/February 2014)

KENTUCKIANA Cluster Judges can register on a per breed basis. Download the 2014 ACEF SPORTING Group Daily-Individual Registration Form HERE (Available in Jan/Feb 2014)


Tuesday March 11th, 2014, 7:30PM, after check in & registration (6:30pm-7:15pm). If you are a registered student or a presenter, grab your supper/dinner or a snack and come to Surprise Night. We'll let you know what the venue is... check back HERE in January.


The ACEF 2014 SPORTING GROUP INSTITUTE Registration & Information is HERE.

Space is limited! If you'd like to attend, you can still check for space before registering. Send an Email.


Should you have any trouble opening or downloading any of the forms on this web site, even after you have acquired the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please send an Email to: Nina. Subject: Help With Forms


ACEF now Accepts PAYPAL for Donations (tax deductable), Patron Memberships and Tuition Payments for Educational Institutes.

THE ACEF UNDERSTANDS the enormous financial cost for judges to educate themselves to become a judge as well as adding new breeds and groups. Therefore the ACEF is dedicated to providing education for judges at unbelieveable tuition costs!

THROUGH THE GENEROSITY of private donations and the American Canine Education Foundation, a tax-exempt educational association, the cost of every students' tuition is often subsidized.

The ACEF sincerely hopes that this will allow attendance to the MOST COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES in the dog world!

THE JUDGE'S INSTITUTE, which includes 6 nights hotel, 4 days lunch, breaks, course material, Graduation Banquet, and a Certificate of Graduation, is usually under $500 per person (double occupancy) as a SCJA Member or ACEF Patron.

THE GROUP INSTITUTES in which an entire AKC Group of dogs is presented, is usually under $300 per person as a SCJA Member or ACEF Patron. The lowest tuition for the March 2011's Non-Sporting Group was just $150. Tuition generally includes Registration, Parent Club Handouts (if available), Class Book, and Graduation Certificate.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION on these INSTITUTES can be found by clicking on the gold links, Judges Institutes or Group Institutes, at the top of this page.

SUPPORT THE ACEF (American Canine Education Foundation) OR JOIN THE SCJA (Senior Conformation Judges Association) and receive a discount on all Judges Institutes and Group Institutes. The difference between the ACEF and the SCJA is: Anyone whether a judge or not may become a Patron of the ACEF and only JUDGES (of any organization or registry) can join the SCJA.

IT'S NOT TOO LATE to become an ACEF Patron or to join the SCJA now and receive the member discount rate for the upcoming 2014 ACEF SPORTING Group Institute! Just fill out the ACEF Patron Form or the SCJA Membership Form and make your payment using PayPal.

QUESTIONS? Send an Email. Subject: Membership Question

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